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Furnished private offices with high-speed internet and plenty of free parking.

Situated in the heart of the Berkshires, Berkshire Offices offers a professional coworking environment for all of your workspace needs. High-speed internet, ample parking, water and mountain views, and flexible lease options make this the ideal location to run and grow your business.

Big or small, from one room to 10,000 SF, we can accommodate your private office needs in the Berkshires. Large workspaces suitable for multi-employee companies, corporate training, education, call center, assembly, light manufacturing, etc., are also available, as are storage and warehousing options.

The property is adjacent to the Housatonic River and October Mountain State Forest, the largest state forest in Massachusetts (16,500 acres). Trails for hiking, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing are accessible just outside the office doors.

Plenty of free parking available for you and your guests.

Well-behaved dogs welcomed.


4 x Dedicated desks: $400/mo, including utilities (2 available) 

2 x Private interior offices (no windows): $250/mo, including utilities (currently leased)

5 x Private furnished offices with water/mountain views: $500/mo, including utilities (1 available)

1 x Two room executive suite with private bathroom: $1,100/mo, including utilities (currently leased)

1 x 736 sq ft open room with window: $1,200/mo, including utilities (available)

1 x 375 sq ft interior office: $500/mo, including utilities (currently leased)

1 x Large private interior office (no windows): $400/mo, including utilities (currently leased)

1 x 450 sq ft office: $700/mo, including utilities (currently leased)

1 x 700 sq ft office: $800/mo, including utilities (currently leased)

1 x 750 sq ft open room: $850/mo, including utilities (currently leased)

1 x 1,100 sq ft open room: $950/mo, including utilities (currently leased)

1 x entryway desk with window: $200/mo, including utilities (currently leased)

Month-to-month leases available with a $100 activation fee. Activation fee is waved for leases of six months or more. There’s a $50 monthly surcharge for month-to-month leases of private offices (waved with annual lease).  

If the space you want is not available, ask to be put on a waiting list. Occupancy changes frequently. 

Dedicated Workstation

Nearby locations:

  • • 2.5 miles to downtown Lenox
  • • 3 miles to downtown Lee (I90 entrance)
  • • 8 miles to downtown Stockbridge
  • • 8 miles to downtown West Stockbridge
  • • 9 miles to downtown Pittsfield
  • • 14 miles to downtown Great Barrington
  • • 20 miles to downtown Sheffield
  • • 30 miles to downtown Williamstown
  • • 45 miles to Albany (Airport)
  • • 120 miles to Boston
  • • 140 miles to New York City

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Berkshire Offices is owned and operated by the crew at Zogics, which has a warehouse adjacent to the offices. Zogics has been named one of Financial Times Americas’ fastest-growing companies and was included in Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for the past three years. Zogics companies located at 10 Valley Street include:

Map & Location:

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If the office you want is unavailable, ask to be put on a waiting list. Occupancy changes frequently, and our contact list is the first to get notified.